Don Lyon


As predominately a broker for national retailers, Don says that his presentation materials tell a story.  “Many of the executives evaluating a site have never seen it.  Our materials must allow them to fully understand all the pieces.  If I’ve done my job, there shouldn’t be a lot of questions.  I want my clients to be able to raise the trophy.  My satisfaction comes in knowing I was the background support that allowed them to do that.”
Though there is a shift in retail to greater online purchasing, Don maintains “people still like the shopping experience.  They like to feel, touch, see, and smell.”  He also acknowledges that a broker’s job has evolved with all the resources available online.  “Evaluation of the data is often now more important than the data itself,” he asserts, and with the strategic evaluations Don provides, his clients are assured that they are able to take advantage of the best opportunities available.
Don is a founding partner of GreatStreet.  To hone his trade, Don functioned as a Vice President for CB Commercial Real Estate, as well as Koll/Bradford Joint Venture.  From there he launched InterState Commercial Real Estate.  Don married his U of I sweetheart over 30 years ago.  They raised their 3 mostly-grown daughters in the town where Don grew up.  The house is still full of dogs.