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In 2003, a team of seasoned, knowledgeable professionals united to form GreatStreet Realty Partners, a retail real estate brokerage firm that offers timely, accurate and individualized service to clients nationwide.

With solid experience and proprietary in-house capabilities, GreatStreet Realty Partners provides comprehensive representation to principals involved in real estate transactions.  Clients include retailers, developers and property owners.

Focusing on personalized attention and superior service, GreatStreet Realty Partners has proven their worth repeatedly with major clients throughout North America.  With specialized knowledge in local and regional tenant representation, GreatStreet Realty Partners continues to contribute to its clients’ long term success.

years of combined experience

million square feet in major markets accounted from thousands of transactions

members of our team focused on personalized attention and

superior service

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Chicago, that's my hometown"

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