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While he focuses primarily on tenant rep, Matt has a well-rounded background in all facets of commercial real estate.  He is dedicated to addressing the multi-faceted needs of his clients.  If that means brokering the purchase of numerous acres of land, meeting with local council members, contacting real estate owners, accommodating outlot listings, facilitating the disposition of excess property, or …., he knows what’s involved and has the patience, negotiation skills, people skills, connections, and experience to follow through. “In the end, I find great satisfaction in contributing to the process of a successful store for my clients; there’s nothing better.”


Integrity is what drives Matt.  “Reputation is everything,” he maintains. Clients see the resulting commitment in his flexibility, accessibility, availability, as well as his knowledge of markets and the industry.  Matt asserts, “In the future the specialized demands of brokerage will only increase.  You don’t just put up a sign anymore.  I am devoted to responding to and handling things quickly and efficiently while the market intensifies and evolves, and to remaining steady in the process.”


Matt is a founding member of GreatStreet.  Prior, he had established Matthew J Moran & Associates, Inc. in 1979 to pursue his real estate business.  During his time at MJM & Associates, Matt polished his skills in how to execute deals, both large and small, as well as establish relationships, which he proudly maintains.  Matt and his wife of 30 plus years have 2 adult children.  The slopes of Colorado and hills in Napa Valley frequently call Matt’s name.