Jon Reese


Nicknamed “Coach” many years back because of his enthusiasm in mentoring the next generation of brokers and functioning as a team, Jon follows through with the philosophy as a tenant rep.  “I think it’s important to really listen to my clients and execute according to their plans.  It’s their playbook and I have to use it to implement their strategy and get their deal to the finish line.”  Jon likes the “fight of the deal,” the hard work, the pace, the fun of being able to get to know and interact with people, the details, and the satisfaction that he has triumphed in the challenge.  Even so, he emphasizes “it needs to be done with honesty and integrity.”
Jon acknowledges that there is constant fluidity in the retail industry that will continue for some time.  Nevertheless, “you can never replace the dirt.  People have to see a retailer’s store; without them, consumers will lose sight of who the retailer is.  It’s about balancing what the landscape is bringing.”  Therefore, keeping pace with upcoming trends and working with his clients to adapt to them, Jon uses his conviction and passion to implement his clients’ vision.
Jon is a founding member of GreatStreet.  He is licensed in Illinois and Indiana.  Prior to establishing GreatStreet, Jon was a principal with Matthew J. Moran & Associates, Inc. starting in 1988.  Jon and his wife of 30+ years have 2 adult children.  Not surprisingly, Jon is a rabid Blackhawks fan, and yet flip flops are his favorite footwear.